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Monday, September 2, 2013

Dorrie goes to the Fall Fair!

Well, yesterday was very exciting - I took Dorica to the fall fair!   We set off in the trailer with Forrest and her friend:

This was taken when we got to our parking place - a large lot where I could manoeuvre the trailer easily!
Dorica had never ridden in this trailer before and was none too pleased when I shut the door on her but the roads are bumpy, and she had to brace herself when we were driving, so the kicking stopped!

From here, we walked to the fair - through traffic and people, about 15 minutes.  Dorica was super keen and only a bit phased by a weed-eater at one point.  As soon as we got to the fair, the girls ran off to greet their friends and Dorrie and I walked around and were swarmed by kids and adults alike - she was a star!

It wasn't terribly crowded yet as we went early but hot, lots of wasps, dogs (on leashes!) and a parade too!
I had decided not to walk with Dorica in the parade as I felt the fire trucks, horses and vintage cars might be too much for a first outing, but as it went by, she let out a HUGE bray and diverted everyone's attention to herself!

She loaded back into the trailer nicely and home we went.  When I opened the door though, she was in the shape of an A frame - legs braced radically to steady herself on the bumpy, windy road.  I drove so carefully and felt every bump too!

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to see if she would load again, given the rough ride and walked her out and up to the waiting trailer.  She was as keen as could be and walked right in!  I think she was disappointed that we didn't drive off!  What a great beginning for both of us - can't wait to take her and the other donkeys out and about!