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Friday, September 27, 2013

Back home and lots to tell!

Back from merry old England and the trip was wonderful!  Have to say though, that I missed my critters a whole lot, try as I did not to think about them!  They all fared well but apparently became gloomier and grumpier the longer I was gone (this reported by care-givers and hoof pickers!) 

Siog in particular, is kind of a one-person donkey - she's really attached to me but can be aloof with people she doesn't know - well, she has been all over me, draping her head over my shoulder whenever I bend down to scoop poop and standing really close to me!  Dorrie too, was in a bit of a funk and I had a twinkling of worry for the first day I was back.  But she's fine now and forgives me, I think!  They are all too plump though, which I attribute to the Fall growth we've had - grass that's probably full of sugar!

Now the rains have come (already!) and the ground is soggy, the skies grey!  I am SO NOT READY for months of this!!!

Anyway, back to the trip - the highlight was meeting my cyber-space friend and fellow blogger,
FH from http://www.muleteers.com/ - and her animals and partner!  That was beyond wonderful!
FH is top donk at the UK Donkey Sanctuary and has been my go-to person for all things relating to donkeys for the past 7 years.  During that time, we've exchanged many emails and been fans of each other's blogs.  She gave me a tour of the donkey sanctuary and it was the most beautiful and impressive place you can imagine.  I haven't up-loaded my photos yet but they will follow.

We jumped on and off of trains and toured the country-side and towns (well, some parts!)  England is so old compared to the west coast of Canada - the stone walls, hedge rows, narrow pathways and buildings from the 1500's were amazing.

On our last weekend, there, I attended a conference in Yorkshire on equine clicker training - 2 days of my favorite topic!  Details coming in a subsequent post!  It was put on by http://www.hannahdawsonequine.co.uk/conference/  if you want to read more.  Now I have some art deadlines looming, but I will report back with photos and notes about the conference.

Oh and here's the video I submitted (in a HUGE hurry) before we left.  It's by no means perfect and I see many ways to improve but enjoy, it was fun!