Welcome to my blog - a diary about living with donkeys, notes about care, my training sessions and the absolute pleasure of donkey companionship.

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A bit about me

I continue to be amazed and enchanted by donkeys, since I got my first two in May, 2002. I'm not sure why! I mean, why not llamas or pot bellied pigs for instance? For awhile I thought maybe it was because of some connection to an ancient time, a past life, a wandering through desert lands ... maybe I knew a donkey way back, maybe the donkey and I shared some amazing experiences ...?

Well, I have given up on trying to unravel those fantasies and now am just happy to have fallen down this rabbit hole where my whole life has been redefined somehow by the presence of donkeys.

But, like any life-changing experience, it hasn't always been easy! I've been kicked, bitten, knocked over, jerked around, bullied and intimidated sometimes. Stepped on... did I mention "stepped on?" Other times I have been charmed and amused, delighted and totally absorbed, my heart almost breaking with love and compassion for these critters.

My mother used to ask, sweetly "why donkeys?" She was always amused (of course I never mentioned being kicked, bitten or stepped on!)

I won't tell you that donkeys are the perfect family pet, like so many web sites want you to think. They live a long time, they get sick, they have "issues" ... maybe, depending on whether or not they were raised lovingly, with respect and care, or abused, neglected and misunderstood as many donkeys are.
But, my oh my, donkeys are charming! Maybe it's the ears, I don't know. My donkeys and I have embarked on a lifelong friendship. This blog is a way for me to write about this journey.

I divide my time between my art studio, our organic garden, the hens, the donkeys and this wonderful community.    I'm pretty obsessed with clicker training and devote a lot of time studying theory and training.  Animal-assisted therapy interests me - the donkeys are wonderful with people, especially children and old folks.


  1. Cynthia -
    Hope I am right. Are you the lady with the donkeys? If so would you be interested in allowing Boomer Jarett photograph me with them for a magazine article In Focus magazine is doing on me. I have been a long time horse lover but newly in love with mules. I met one on the Grand Canyon mule ride and have not been the same since. Bonnie Shields, the legendary mule artist has done a beautiful sketch of my Grand Canyon mule, Jezebel. Please let me know.
    Martha Crawford Cantarini (Denman Island)

  2. Hi we live in Spain and have just rescued two donkeys they were very thin and its a long job getting some weight on them. They are both eating drinking and investigating the five acres of land we have but the baby donkey (he's about 18 months old) sometimes when he lays down he can't always get up we have to help him. Could this because he had been starved.

    1. I would have a vet look at him and do blood work - could be a selenium (important for muscle development) deficiency but I'm just guessing. That's not normal though - at 18 months he should be full of pep. The UK Donkey Sanctuary publishes the parameters for donkey hematology on their website (different than horses, so make sure your vet knows how to interpret the results.) Could be he needs some extra rations in the way of vitamins and minerals - please don't feed him grain though. I would feed low protein, low sugar hay and trickle feed - offering smalls amounts often. Weight gain should be done slowly but steadily. Keep me posted!

    2. Hi just to give you a quick update Graham our baby donkey is doing fine gave him some new food and now his eyes are brighter and he has a skip in his step. We haven't had to help him up for nearly two weeks now so fingers crossed.

  3. Hello Cynthia,
    I am a member for an association (http://assoprommata.org/) promoting modern draft animal powered agriculture in France but especially in poorer African countries. We are absolutely distraught at the huge massacre of donkeys for trade to China going on at the moment and have put a petition online to try and raise awareness : https://www.change.org/p/the-burkinabe-gouvernment-stop-the-massive-killing-of-donkeys-in-burkina-faso
    I am sorry to use your blog to that effect but I would be so grateful for your support for our cause by way of signature and sharing to your contact. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Nadine