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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rose has a new day pack!

I bought this inexpensive little day pack a few years ago for Dorica but it just didn't fit her right.  Had always meant to make adjustments but it turns out, it's a pretty good fit for Rose!

This isn't a great picture, but it has a crupper and breast collar attached to a surcingle.  The only bit I don't like is the strap that goes between her front legs - it just kind of hangs there and I can't really see what it's supposed to be doing!

We got it all adjusted and then just let her walk around the paddocks for awhile to get used to the feel.

I don't want to put a halter on her right now though, as she has this big lump on her nose right under where the nose band goes!  The vet has had a look and thinks it's a cyst - Rose came with a small bump and it has at least doubled in size!  I'm putting Panalog ointment on it twice a day in the hope that it will shrink, but I think it may have to be surgically removed ... argh!

Anyway, here she is with Forrest and Dorrie!

You can see the pack better in this pic!


  1. I want one of those! Where did you find that?

    And Rose and Forrest make lovely models:)

    1. Hi Kris,

      I got it here:

  2. That's a great pack! Love it :-)

    Sorry to hear about the lump... always a worry. If you can get some pics and bring them with you to the UK I know a donkey vet or two we can get to look?

    1. Thanks for this FH! I will take some photos and email them to you if that's okay?

  3. I think that loose strap is to keep the cinch and everything else from sliding back when going uphill. But if that is what it's for, hey, they forgot about going downhill - where's the britchen? And the spider to hold up the britchen, too!