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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rose's Birthday!

Today Rose is 19 years old - the sweetest, kindest soul you'll ever meet!

and she got new boots for her front feet!

  and got the whole small paddock in front of the feed room to herself for awhile ...

Her feet are sometimes sore in Spring.  She seemed to enjoy the boots and wore them for a few hours.
They are called NeoPaws, size XL and made for ... dogs!  What I like about them is that they have a thick sole to protect from sharp stones (we have many and the road surface is even worse!) And they come in many sizes so it wasn't hard to find a pair to fit Rose.  I have one smaller pair as well, in case I need them for one of the other donkeys.  I had to fiddle a bit with how to do them up so they weren't too tight but didn't swivel around either.  Sweet Rose was patient through all of my hovering, doing and undoing!

Happy Birthday White Star Red Roses!

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  1. Now where were those boots when I was having such trouble with Ramsey? These just came out too, have you seen them?:


    Happy Birthday sweet Rose.