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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pack Saddle!

Here is Siog with my lovely young neighbour, Forrest - first time with a pack saddle!

She was puzzled when we fitted it on her but fine to walk around the paddocks.

This is a saw buck pack saddle made by someone in Alberta some years ago.  It's a bit heavy and the side panels don't adjust to the donkey's shape, unlike some of the more modern ones.

I'm happy to have it as it's not easy to find packing gear to fit miniature donkeys!  Oh - and the midges are awful this year, hence the fly mask with ear protectors - the donkeys love having them on!


  1. Is it a wooden pack saddle? If so you can sand or rasp any areas off the tree to make it fit better.

    1. HI Fiona,

      Yes it is wooden and fits well enough. Some of the ones made from hard plastic have moveable parts where they rest on the donkey's back so they swivel-fit (if that makes sense!) Haven't found any like that for minis though!