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Saturday, July 18, 2015

The broken-shoulder-summer-blog- blues!

Well, well ... I am truly humbled by the suddenness of change ... one minute: fine, next minute on the ground with a broken shoulder, buggered up arm all swollen and bruised!   Prognosis?  It WILL heal
eventually and this screwed up summer will become a distant memory, yes?

The donkeys, my precious jennys - do they understand?  Who knows?  Other donkey folk say yes they do know - I sure hope so because it's a big change for them too.  I can only talk to them across the fence these days.

Siog was with me when I fell and her wariness suggests that she experienced "something" that made her uneasy.  I am trying reassure her.  I did try some target training through the fence but it's too awkward with one hand (even my dominant one.)  So I must settle into the moment and try to organize my thoughts into something creative and productive.

I had to pull out of the studio tour this summer, just when I felt like I was on a roll with new work, but it's okay. There will be another opportunity.

I am blessed to live in this community - the support is tremendous, loving and caring. Likewise my amazing partner who has picked up the slack everywhere - he is a peach!

In the middle of it all, our beloved 10 year old cat Arlo died last weekend - he was diagnosed with cancer 4 months ago and thus began his steady decline.  We were grateful that his life ended peacefully at home ... at least.

I'll end this post here - with my tribute to a great feline friend.  Gentle summer greetings to you all.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Arlo. I am glad he had such a good life with you, even if it was cut short.

    I hope your shoulder heals quickly, I went through that myself some years ago and I know how hard it is. Hopefully, it will be haled enough soon so that you can at least spend some time with you lovely little herd.

    Sending healing thoughts and donkey hugs your way.

    1. Thanks my buddies in the East! This too shall pass ...