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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dorrie's Day Out

Well, as per my New Year's rez, today was a promised walk for Dorica.  She was waiting by the gate ...

when a neighbour showed up ...    

so she waited some more ... sigh ...

Finally, we hit the road!
First stop - the mailbox, where we read about a sale at the bookstore.

Then we thought about checking out the house for sale on the next street:

but decided against it.  

Ran into a bizarre (and rather scary) old cement sculpture ... weird!


We enjoyed some trails through the woods and studied the flora ...

And, finally a chance to do some grazing ...

Then up the road and home!


  1. Oh my ... how I envy your forest floor of greenery! Glad you Dorrie made it out and about! We're out and about here today too ... but it is more like glacier walking! ;) http://meadowmice.net

    1. Hi Wendy, good to "meet" you! Thanks for leaving a comment and your blog address. Your donkeys are gorgeous! Stay warm!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Lucky Dorrie :-) Nice to see you guys have greenery and not covered in snow!