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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Testing Hay

Yesterday, I tested 15 bales of 2013 hay from the load of 102 bales I just brought in.

Here is a photo of the simple equipment you need:

  1. a drill (electric works better than cordless for this)
  2. an extension cord so you can reach random hay bales
  3. a paper bag that stands open by itself, and, of course
  4. a hay probe sampler.  I am able to borrow this every year from the Ministry of Agriculture office. It attaches to the drill and has a clean out rod to push out the sampled hay into the bag.

In the hayloft!  I took samples from the butt ends of 15 bales.

And here's what the samples look like in the bottom of the paper bag. 

Next, I mix it all together, put the whole thing into a zip-lock bag, include a cheque and a submission form, downloaded from the A & L Canada Labs website,and mail via Expresspost!

I like the Comprehensive Equine Forage package as this is the test that will indicate non-structural carbohydrates, protein levels, as well as numerous other components.

Stay tuned for the test results!

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