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Friday, March 8, 2013

Heather's sore foot

Well it MUST be Spring!  I haven't had too many problems with hoof abscess over the years, but it did happen with both Ringo and Deenah.

Now it's Heather's turn!  After a wonderful gallop and play time with the others yesterday and just when I thought "ah, all is well," three hours later Heather was very lame in her left front foot.

So - the usual - soaking in warm water + Epsom salt 2 x/day, cleaning with diluted Betadine, then poultice, this one covered in pretty red duct tape.  The vet recommends that she be let out with the others, and I have followed this advice but I've been hemming and hawing about this all day. 

If it's an abscess then her body weight might help it to work itself out - if it's still just a bruise though, will walking around help or hinder?  Movement is good though so I decided to let her be the judge. Hard to see her limping though.


  1. I'd go with the movement, donkeys are pretty sensible thank goodness! She looks very pretty in her new 'shoe'! Hope she feels better soon.

  2. Thanks FH! I did some of each and followed my instincts. She is much improved!