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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Heather is feeling better!

Pleased to report that Heather is doing much better!  I'm not going to put a poultice on her foot this evening.  She is still favoring her left front foot but tonight she let me lift and clean all four hooves, so she's obviously able to put more weight on.

You know, I think the key to health is jumping in fast to try to resolve anything that crops up.  I'm not sure I always felt this way as I'm not one to run to the doctor if I don't feel well.  And I hate drugs, hate surgery, etc. so for myself, I'm a "wait and see" person.  But with donkeys, I've come to believe that it's better to act fast because by the time we can see that something is not right, it's probably further along than we know.

So now, I don't hesitate!  Limping?  Get out the Epsom Salts, soaking tub, poultices and iodine or Tea Tree oil.

Not eating hay?  Get out the stethoscope, thermometer, paste Banamine, bran mash, try grass, etc.

Dry poop or not enough? Next feed includes psyllium.

Gosh - this is a "new me" I think!  Oh, and did I mention my superwoman costume in the telephone booth?  Important to put that on too.  And breathe ...

This winter has been very challenging and it's odd because weather-wise, it's been mild and not much rain.  But I think the fact that the ground never hardened, made things tricky - we have more mud, more bugs, more dampness than usual.

Thank goodness at least no skin problems such as rain rot or ringworm.  Be thankful for small favours, eh?


  1. Great to hear that Heather is on the road to recovery!

  2. Am I commenting or what?