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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grounded! Home with a cold.

I was all set to leave on my donkey searching journey last Saturday, when I felt like I had swallowed razor blades during the night!  ARGH!  The car was all packed, alarm set - all I had to do was grab my picnic lunch from the fridge, but when dawn came, I was goin' nowhere!

So I've had to put my expedition on hold and now, 4 days later, I'm still sniffing, coughing, hacking, blowing ... not a pretty sight, and the very kind people who have offered me places to stay would not be endeared, to say the least.

Felt there was a slight chance that I might travel tomorrow, but now my partner is coming down with "it" and so I think it would be mean to leave him with all the chores, just as my own energy is returning.
Home I stay and trying to let go of the urgency that I have been feeling about getting new donkeys here by mid-October.  That is before it starts raining and I'd like to have everybody a bit settled while it's still dry and they have more room.

My donkeys seek shelter during the rain and the barn can be a bit confining if they don't feel comfortable. Not that I'm anticipating any problems!

I'll just have to hang out here and make a break for it, if and when I can.  G is going away next week for 5 days, so that brings me to Sept. 17th before I could leave but then there's my Friday college course .. oh dear, this is getting complicated!

I realize my blog postings have been sporadic and rather dull, with just text and no pics, so maybe today I'll go and shoot the donkeys (ha!) so I can post some images.

In the meantime, here's a harvest photo:

and  some new sculpture made for the studio tour last month:

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  1. Oh poor you! Hope you both feel better soon! Fingers crossed for donkey searching soon :-) love the sculptures!