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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Road Trip to visit possible new donkeys!

I am planning to head off on a 4 day road trip on September 1st to visit donkeys in BC's beautiful Okanagan Valley.  Phew - exciting and also scary! 

Part of me longs to add two more donkeys so that both Siog and Dorica have age mates and so that I can leave some at home while heading out on long or short walks with just one donkey beside me.

Another part of me balks at the added chores, worry and responsibility!  But I think I've got it in me to do this one more time.

I've made contact with some amazing people, all of whom have several donkeys, some for sale.
I have so loved meeting "donkey" people during these past ten years!  I've been welcomed by so many fine folks and the ones I'm about to meet just prove the point - people have invited me into their homes and are willing to share their knowledge, even if I don't end up buying a donkey from them.

I'm going to be choosy - these are all minis I'll be seeing, as there are NO small Standards out there as Far as I can tell, within a day's drive of here!  I'm looking for great conformation, personality and health ...
wish me luck!


  1. Good luck can't wait to hear about your new pals when you are 'chosen' by them :-)

  2. Country Assperations AcresAugust 23, 2012 at 1:07 PM

    Looking forward to meeting you Cynthia! The girls are excited as I have told them you are coming:) Animals in general heal the soul of all stresses. Just one hug or pat can change your day! I know you will enjoy your trip. Drive safe , stay well. Call when you arrive in Cawston and let me know the approz time you are planning to arrive! Cheers Jo-Anne

  3. Good luck, I'll be looking forward to "meeting" a new addition (or two:).