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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Training Deenah/ Part 2

Here is how I developed a training plan to teach Deenah to accept homeopathic remedies:

GOAL:  To be able to administer pills and spray into Deenah's mouth.  I want her to allow me to open her bottom lip while she stands quietly.

Step 1: Start with a familiar behaviour that she knows:  stand on her left side and ask her to target my open hand with the bridge of her nose while standing still.  Click/ treat/ repeat several times.  Feed where I want her head to be.

Step 2:  Can we do this from the other side (me on her right side?)  Yes!  Click/ treat/ repeat.

Step 3:  Look for the best position to give the medication - can I stand in front of Deenah?  Yes?  Click/ treat/ repeat.  If her answer is NO, back up to where she is comfortable and move in baby steps from there.

Step 4:  While she is targeting my hand, will she let me hold my other hand under her chin?  No!  At least not without tossing her head.  Lighten my touch with both hands - YES!  Click/ treat/ repeat.

This is how far we have come.
And this is what I intend to add:

 Step 5:  Can I touch her lower lip while she is targeting my hand?

Step 6:  Can I open her lower lip?  Top lip?  While she is standing still?  Perfectly still?  (I think this will take awhile.)

Step 7:  Can I put a tiny piece of peppermint into her lower lip?

Step 8:  Can I spray a bit of water (I might add a bit of apple juice for the scent & flavour) on her muzzle?  Onto her gums?

It would be good to practice a few sessions each day - keeping them short and positive!

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