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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

working away ...

9:30 p.m. - just came in from the barn - a gorgeous clear night, new moon but dark.  It's still cool, Spring is here but a coastal tease ... long and lingering, cool and damp.  I was away all day and missed playing with the donks so tonight we all sent time doing a bit of stall work before I filled their hay bags for the night.

Each donkey is eager to practice her new lessons - Deenah seems to love backing herself into a corner and then displacing her haunches.  Dorica is practicing targeting the hanging jolly ball in her stall and standing still. 

Siog is just eager for attention and treats.  She is getting so much better at standing still while being touched in different places.  But she seems ravenously hungry all the time.  She has been having a struggle with internal parasites and I've dewormed her 3 times now.  Hopefully the next float will show that she is "clean."  Otherwise I'll have to keep treating her as the harm caused by parasites is more harmful than the chemical dewormer.

Everyone is itchy and starting to shed.

Yesterday Forrest was here to spend time and help with chores.  We trotted Dorrie over the cavalletti jump
and Forrest enjoyed it as much as Dorica.  We also took Siog through a short woodland trail that I want to clear.  Had to do some bushwacking.

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