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Friday, April 8, 2011

Double trouble!

Just came back from a lovely walk with Siog.  She saw her first bonfire today and that had her puzzled.
Also encountered 3 bikes together, then 1 bike - she was very interested but didn't spook.

She is better (but not perfect) about not stalling out and if and when she does, I walk way out in front of her, holding the lead rope but without pressure.  I walk from side to side, changing hands as I walk back and I do NOT look at her.  This seems to encourage her to walk again!  I don't click and treat her right away though as I don't want to inadvertently create a behaviour loop.

On the way back, Siog surprised me by suddenly rolling in the middle of the dirt road.  Poor donkeys are all so itchy but I don't think I should have let her do that!

Back in the barn paddock I decided to work with both Dorica and Deenah at the same time.  So I got out a mat and a curry comb and asked 1 donkey to stand on the mat while I groomed the other one.  This worked great while Dorrie was on the mat as she has become very good at standing.  I kept them on either side of me so I could click and treat both at the same time.

It was a bit tougher with Dee on the mat, although not bad really for the first time at this.  Dorrie can get SO jealous of any other donkey in the proximity though so I put a halter on her as she really is respectful with a halter on.  The lead was attached but not really in play.

I will try to do this every day and eventually add donkey #3!

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