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Monday, October 4, 2010

New "forever" home for Ringo!

Ringo will be welcomed into a new family and herd in the Central Caribou next month!
He will live with experienced equine people, plus a large Standard jenny, two minis and a couple of horses.
All of my criteria have been met plus his new owner comes with fantastic recommendations from a mutual friend (and Ringo's former owner!)

So ... with gratitude to so many friends for their support through this hard decision, I will move on in my adventure and life with donkeys.  My plan is to look for 2 large miniature jennets.  That way, I will have a little herd of four donkeys, Dorica will have someone else her size and Deenah can play "auntie" to everybody.

I will be able to take one or two donkeys out for an adventure and with smaller donkeys, I'll be able to manage two at a time out in the world.  I'll use the experience I have and my knowledge of clicker training to begin again.

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  1. Susan @ Sunoverbirch FarmOctober 20, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    Soooo excited to provide a forever home to Ringo! I have told our 2 minis, Ian and Lily and our standard, Jill, about the impending arrival of a kindred spirit. They just nodded sagely as donkeys do and are patiently waiting.