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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Decision ...

It's been so long since I have posted anything ... the reason is that I have sadly and with great trepidation, decided to look for a new home for Ringo.  It's hard for me to post when I feel such sadness.  However my reasons have been confirmed by many friends and supporters.  Ringo and I are not a good match.

Now this is tough because I am a "forever" kind of person - I don't give up on animals and take my responsibility very seriously.  My zero tolerance for getting shoved around has resulted in Ringo looking at me quizzically ... I can't and don't wish to dredge up a mean, horrible scary self in order to get him to back off.

He's a fine, beautiful donkey who needs an experienced handler - someone who can give him the very best and at the same time, set boundaries that he will respect.

So .... the search for a perfect home for Ringo.  He needs:

-other donkeys, some bigger or the same size
-a loving home with people whom he will trust
-owners with experience with large equine
-space to romp
-shelter from rain and snow
-regular health care: hooves, teeth, deworming, vaccines, etc.
-commitment to keeping him forever or making provisions for him during his life

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  1. Sorry you have reached this point and decision, but I respect your decision, of course. Wish I could offer a home, but we are so far away... (Cindy M)