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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Wonderful visit today from Wendy and her 2 little girls, Madigan and Ivy.  Little Ivy didn't make a peep the whole time but just watched the fun from her vantage point in a cozy front-pack.

But Madigan had a great time.  We started in the hen house and said hello  to L.C. our 5-year-old Rhode Island Red and observed another two birds hunkered down in nesting boxes.

Then, stepping carefully over the electric fence, we went to meet the donkeys.  I had secured Ringo in the barn paddock as I thought it would be safer without such a big donkey towering over such a wee girl.
Dorica, who loves kids, ambled over and immediately presented her butt for a scratch.  Deenah joined and gave Madigan a good sniff.  We all visited for awhile and Dorica proudly showed how she can trot on command.

Ringo was a little miffed at being on the other side of the fence, but was awfully good about it. And Madigan, who is only two years old, really seemed to enjoy herself!  I even plunked her on Deenah's back and then briefly, on Dorica (who has never held a child.)

Dorica is listening to us behind her.


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