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Saturday, April 24, 2010

behind in my reporting ...

It's been too long since I logged in with some notes.  Monty has been here last weekend for a clicker training clinic with the donkeys and I have yet to process my notes from that great session.
I always learn so much!
But in the meantime, here is a picture of Dorica who has learned to stand with her front feet on a stump:

I'll get to the clinic notes soon.  In the meantime, I am very preoccupied as Ringo went lame last Tuesday (it is now Saturday) and it's so difficult to figure out what is wrong.  It's his left front foot and he's obviously really hurting as he'll go back to the barn and lay down in the breezeway during the day and when he does walks it's with great difficulty, limping heavily.  Today though I did see some improvement - more weight bearing on that hoof.  I have been checking and rechecking for heat and/ or swelling - I don't feel much of either but can easily convince myself that I do!

Expecting the ferrier on Monday morning - he'll be able to tell if it's either an abscess or founder - I doubt either - I think it's a knee or fetlock joint injury.  He had been galloping the day before and we have so many stones ...

I have been applying an ice pack to his knee, followed by Traumeel creme and today gave him 4 x 30cc of Arnica.  The girls decided to have a little romp at about 5 PM and silly Ringo tried to join them.  Now he's REALLY sore!  Boys!

Hard for me not to get extremely stressed when something like this happens.  Especially since I don't know what's wrong.  Last night I decided to try soaking his foot in a pail of Epsom Salts + warm water but it upset him and he wouldn't stand and became suspicous.  Good lesson that we need to teach them these things BEFORE we need to actually do the procedure.  Always so much to work on!

One more day before a professional (ferrier) looks at him, so hopefully I'll get a better idea.  Poor Ringo!

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