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Monday, March 22, 2010

A sunny day, lessons with Dorica & Ringo

Little Dorica just makes me laugh!  She is such an enthusiastic clicker donkey now but very serious when she's working.  I am training her trot on cue and now she's doing it about 75% of the time.  It's challenging as you'd never use a crop on her, even gently - she'd be crushed!  So I quicken my pace, say the word " trrrrrot!" and break into a jog.  Now that she gets it, she'll usually join me but she looks so funny with her serious expression and her ears back as though she's concentrating with all her might!

Also worked Ringo a bit.  He's really doing well with the self-haltering lesson but then has been really resistant for the first part of our session.  Eventually he settles.  Cutting me off is still a problem.

We worked at standing with his 2 front feet on a sawn off alder stump.  He did really well but it's a bit slippery and not the best surface to make him stand on ... will have to find a substitute.  Can't seem to cross that invisible line though with my own courage to take him on the road as he can really push me around still.

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