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Saturday, March 20, 2010

difficult session yesterday

Day two of letting the donkeys onto green grass.  This time when I went to halter Ringo to lead him off the grass, he was really resistant, pulling his head hard away from me, his feet following!  I tried hard to stand my ground, rotate elbow and shoulder bone and ricochet him back to me, but it was really, really hard!

I think Ringo didn't like the fact that the girls were still grazing and I was asking him to leave.  I understand his problem with that but somebody had to be first.  As I couldn't get too far beyond the gate with him, I had to resort to tying him to that stout tree again while I got the jennys out.

I had set up an obstacle course, so that when we left the grass we would go right into a training session with the cavaletti jump, cones, ball etc.  I tied everyone to a fence post near the barn paddock and began with Dorica, then Deenah and finally Ringo.  He stood quietly until it was his turn but then I had trouble controlling
him as he kept wanting to change directions on me.

It was discouraging as his strength vs my "strategy" meant somewhat of a struggle and I felt he was winning.  A step back in terms of me taking him out for walks alone!

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