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Saturday, January 20, 2018

It's been so long ...!

My blog has been lying dormant for so long, that I actually forgot how to access my log-in page!

I blame Facebook for my lack of blogging - seems FB has filled in the need for cyber space diarising, both in terms of the amount of Internet time I have (or want to have!) available and also because there are SO many donkey discussions now on FB.  I even considered closing down this blog ... but, wait - NO! there's a whole history here, worth preserving, so on I go ...

So, new year, new commitment and here are a few tidbits for now (but I promise I'll be back!)

  • First of all, there are TWO new donkeys on the islands - yay!  One is a small Standard jenny named Clara Marina (I think her second name is new because her owners discovered that she loves to go to the beach to eat seaweed!)  The other newcomer is also a small Standard, a gelding named Amos and he is 40 years old! Truly!  So my jennys are in good company as the population on Denman Island is literally exploding in donkeys!

  • Second - I have new panniers for my sawbuck packsaddle - another post coming on this.

  • Third - Siog and her puzzling, persistent health concerns, what we've tried, etc. - LOTS to write on this one!

  • More about our work in clicker training coming too  ...

and I'll leave you with this:

We had a wonderful visit last week from a lovely, gentle person with Downs Syndrome. He loves animals and the donkeys seemed to cause him to light up with happiness!  They were so awesome with him too - very intuitive about their new visitor. I've invited him to come again and am looking forward to his visits.

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  1. Missed your blogs and it is nice to hear all the donkey doings on Deman!