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Monday, August 15, 2016

Outings ....

Finally, after not moving the trailer for a year,  I hitched it up and took both Rose and Heather for a ride to the beach!  Phew!  Big deal for all of us!  They did so well but the roads are bumpy and I felt every one of them - they must have really been bracing.

We didn't go far though - only about a 15 minute drive each way, They were exceptional about loading and waiting to unload.  We have played a lot in the trailer while it has been parked.

We parked on a seldom-used road and walked to the beach and back.  Ran into some donkey-lovin' folks who couldn't believe their good fortune to run into us and I was happy too, cuz the guy helped me turn the trailer in a rather tight spot!

Last night, Dorrie and I went for a fabulous long walk into the setting sun.  Of course, I never remember to take my camera, so sorry there are no pictures. It's lovely to have some time now that the studio tour is over for this year and I am having an official "summer holiday!"

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  1. How awesome! It's so wonderful to finally do what you want to do! I have a problem remembering my camera as well..maybe next time! Thanks for sharing!