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Friday, June 19, 2015

Hay Shed

My partner built a hay storage shed on the property where we used to live.  When we moved, nine years ago, we thought about taking the building with us but at the time it seemed like too much to think about and we didn't bother. But nine years later, I found myself wishing we had that building!

The current owners of our previous property have no use for it and it was sitting empty, plus there is a guy here who has all the equipment and skills for moving buildings.  No harm in asking and ... YES! both parties were willing and able and for not too much money either!  Perfect!

We set the wheels in motion and the hay shed has just arrived ...  amazing!

 The overhang roof has been braced back to the building, but sits on 2 posts once it's in place.

It will be lowered to the height of the tailgate of our truck - easy unloading from truck to building!

Even though we'll still put most of our hay up in the hayloft of the barn, this shed will store bales of shavings, barley straw and who knows what else?  Can't have too many out buildings!

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