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Monday, May 25, 2015

Spring photos

Taking time to smell the flowers ...

Wisteria wrapping around our porch

Butterfly lavender

Beauty Bush in bloom

Thunder in the distance, late afternoon

and finally, the most charming thing of all ... a hummingbird nest being made in a loop of rope hanging from the barn!

 and here she is!


  1. Wow, wonderful photos. But where are the donkeys?:)

    1. Ha ha - good question! Must take some new photos of them!

  2. So lovely to see so much in bloom. Ours are 'just' thinking about showing their flower buds. We've been riding a roller coaster of temperatures this month. Just a day ago we were at 33'C and today we were at 7'C! A whopping change. I think our flowers are smart to stay hidden just a few more days! Thanks for sharing such lovely shots - and the wonder of your hummingbird nest.

  3. Thanks for your comment Wendy! I have been a very poor blogger of late, but will get back into full swing soon, I hope!