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Monday, October 6, 2014

Introduction to Clicker Training - my 1st presentation!

Had a great turn-out for my first talk and demonstration about clicker training this past Saturday!
There were people here who live with donkeys, horses, sheep, dogs and a few who don't currently have animals but were interested in the subject!

I organized the talk on 4 posters - it was a great learning experience for me to develop this presentation.
As always, when one has the opportunity to teach others, one learns a LOT!

Forrest assisted and was wonderful - the donkeys showed some great examples of "operant" animals and I was proud of them!

Here are the posters that I made as discussion points - there was lots to elaborate on and quite a few questions.  People seemed genuinely interested, judging by how long they stayed!

apologies for the fuzzy images ...!

Poster #1

Poster #2

And finally, with HUGE thanks for continued inspiration to Alexandra Kurland,  www.theclickercenter.com
and may other wonderful trainers from Alex's on-line Clicker course, and to Heather Logan & Melissa Cox both trainers and instructors from the course I took through Dalhousie U.,  I have written down just a few of the many pertinent ideas, learned through my studies.


  1. GREAT job!!!! I just want to add something that I have found to help students understand the "science" part of it. Think of positive and negative as addition and subtraction, rather than "good" and "bad".ie Positve rienforcement is the ADDITION of something the animal finds rewarding. Positive punishment is the addition of something tha subject finds aversive...LOVE your illustrations!!!! Way to go!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Ann! Good suggestions! I did suggest that on the first poster but there are different ways to get your head around the concepts, that's for sure.