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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Covered arena ... well maybe just a carport!

This summer we took on yet another project (they never cease!)  We built a carport so that the vehicles and the donkey trailer can be somewhat out of the weather and also not stuck in piles of snow.

But the real motivation (for me, anyway) was that this structure can double as a covered place to work a donkey during rainy weather!  All I have to do is move the car and truck out of the way (the trailer can stay, thank goodness!)

It will be great to be able to bring just one donkey up for some clicker training fun, while the others are snug in the barn when it's raining.  I find that once animals become clicker savvy, they ALL want to work and it can be most distracting to ask one of them to concentrate while the others are eagerly wanting a turn.  Having a covered spot to have one donkey all to myself will be fabulous!

We found gorgeous logs for 3 of the posts at the beach and got them up using a pulley system and made a sod roof (very interesting!)

The donkey trailer will go at the high end, leaving the rest as a covered work space!

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  1. Oh, I love your new covered arena! It looks like it will be a fun place to play clicker games.