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Saturday, September 6, 2014


Argh - the wasps are bad this year, cruising low, looking for protein.  Yesterday one bit me on my finger and I react very badly.  So I grabbed my tube of Afterbite and downed two Benadryl.  My finger is swollen and sore but manageable.

Last week, I think Siog was attacked, although I didn't witness it - I found her standing all by herself in the barn breezeway with a welt on her neck and two strips of exposed skin where the hair had been rubbed off.  Within an hour, neck swelled to the size of a tennis ball and has since scabbed in several places.  Poor thing!

Tonight, I had just put some barley straw in the outside feed trough, when Dorrie suddenly started snorting and blowing and rubbing her nose violently!  So violently, in fact, that she caused it to bleed!
I grabbed my tube of Apis  http://elixirs.com/apis.cfm  that I keep in the barn and slid 4 small pills in her lower lip to dissolve.

Then I ran a few cotton compress pads under cold water and washed of the blood, haltered her and took her out to graze on some short grass until she calmed down ... took awhile!

I always keep a supply of Apis and Arnica: 
in the barn and use both on myself and the donkeys.  They won't cause any harm, and can be extremely helpful!

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