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Monday, April 28, 2014

The trailer

I've got this super little stock trailer - 35 years old but new to me last year. It's even got brand new light truck tires! 

All four donkeys load easily, (thanks to clicker training!)  

I've got plans to take a donkey here and there on the island - there are walking trails and there are options to visit the school and join the seniors Tuesday walking ventures. My ambitions of donkey-assisted activities might be able to be met without having to trailer off the island!

I took it out for a spin today - empty.  The roads here are buuuummmpy!  I lack trailering experience, although I'm a careful driver.  I have a million worries:

- will the donkey be okay inside or too anxious?
- what about the donkeys left at home, will they be okay?
- what if I get a flat or, or, or ...
- which donkey should I take?
- will I be able to back up or will I get into a hopeless pretzel with hundreds of people watching? 

Silly stuff!  I took Dorica to the Fall Fair last summer and she did fine!  So did the ones left at home! 
I think I just have Spring jitters combined with newbie blues. 

I read somewhere that to gain confidence, one could make the truck and trailer the primary vehicle for a few weeks - that sounds like a good idea!  I will!


  1. Oh exciting plans for the season ahead! I always get the jitters when travelling any of mine, it's no bad thing though, it just means you love them and are extra careful :-) Enjoy!

  2. The positive side of your numerous worries: they can't realistically all happen at once. Wish I was there to help.
    And no offense, but you don't know bumpy roads, I DO!
    Love you, miss you and donks,