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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's beautiful outside, but ...

Where, oh where are the donkeys?  Expecting to see my little herd basking in Spring's first warmth,
I found them instead way back in the barn!  Huh?  Out they came when I called and then I realized ... MIDGE ATTACK!  Oh, poor donkeys, they were getting eaten alive.

So out came the fly masks with ear protectors and my home-made fly spray (thank you Avon Lady!)
See my recipe to the right of this post.  It works great, although you do have to reapply every few hours for best results.  (I usually give them a spritz about twice a day.)

I use these fly masks during midge season which lasts a few weeks, they look completely ridiculous (imagine a herd of, say 200 donkeys all wearing them!?)  But ears are favorite biting places for midges and they can cause a lot of discomfort and scabs, so I love these masks. 

Before I got them, I tried gently rubbing a few products in donkey ears, but most made their ears too sticky or matted down the hair - I now prefer the masks.

Fooling around with some cardboard!

Rose, you should see yourself - ha!

Proud of those ear extensions - even longer - yay!


  1. Looking good as always ladies! Glad some fine weather is with you :-)

  2. The herd does look lovely, even masquerading as space aliens. I have been looking at getting a couple of those masks, just have to figure out what size would fit ...