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Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Romp!

Each time that Spring rolls around, I can hardly believe that "we made it" through winter!  It feels like such a relief.

Waking up to birds chirping puts an instant smile on my face.  Here is another of my favorite things:  (my version of "reality TV!)  Rose and Siog really have a "thing" going (someone was in heat,) while Dorrie rushes around daintily and Heather just keeps on grazing.



  1. Thank you for the great morning smile! I LOVE when they start to romp!

  2. Little donkey antics always cheer me up. We still have ice and snow in Michigan. Would love to be able to see bare ground!

    1. Oh Janet, I feel for you! First day of Spring coming up soooooon!

  3. What fun! they look like they're having a fantastic time :-) Hope Spring continues to be felt on your side of the water, it's so lovely that the sun is finally shining!

  4. Bit of scary rearing close to the fence but thank goodness they were sensible!