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Monday, February 24, 2014

Snow- oh NO!

Okay so we've been living a charmed life here this winter ... Spring seemed to be just around the corner! Well three days ago it began to snow and it hasn't stopped for a moment!

I've managed to shovel a path out for the donkeys (not the car though!) but they are choosing to stay in the barn. So far, we've only lost power for a few hours but the lines are heavy with snow and the trees are groaning.  But for now at least the water buckets are warm, thank goodness and I can listen to the radio while stuffing hay bags!

 And they are rather bored ...

 And here is Siog, demonstrating how bored she is by eating the BARN!

 So I gathered some branches ... a temporary solution, as I'm sure they will resume eating the barn!

We've had trees down, fence rails smashed and the chicken pen near to collapse. Every few hours, I go out and check things out.  Meetings etc. have been cancelled - everyone is staying home if at all possible.

Our 4-wheel drive truck is in the shop, so feeling a bit stranded.  Hopefully this will turn to rain ...soon?  Even if it does, there's enough snow on the ground now to last for many days.


  1. Yikes! The winter that never ends! Glad your herd looks so happy in your beautiful barn. Just noticed your herd's bio's to the right of your posts. I enjoy checking each day to see what is up in your neck of the woods! The clicker training with my Paco is going SO WELL! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a language we can share.

    1. Thanks for the note and the wonderful news that clicker training is working so well for Paco!
      If I can help at all, please let me know! Just remember to go at his pace, whatever it is! If he doesn't understand something, break the lesson into smaller steps to keep him successful and avoid frustrating him. Would love to hear more!

  2. Wow beautiful snow but hard work when you have animals. The photos of your gang have really made me smile, they look so snug in their barn - very pretty girls :-)

  3. What yukky weather, poor girls!