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Monday, January 6, 2014

Morning warmth

It's very chilly and frosty this morning, just a mere -1C but still ...!  And I'm just back inside with a steaming cup of coffee after an hour or so in the barn.  Out at first light, I look for their shadowy figures by the fence, waiting for me. 

They see the light go on in the house - signalling that I'm on the way.  I slip in through the feed room door and turn the barn lights on, chasing out the gloom and filling the barn with a glow from bulbs that brighten slowly .  They slip in through the opening from the breezeway, expectant and content in the routine of morning.

What amazes me is the warmth I receive from these donkeys. Tender-hearted, "glad to see me," comforting warmth from these animal friends.

I always linger, looking for more chores to do so that I can be part of their early morning satisfaction and it's a mutual exchange, me puttering, them munching ... the happiness and warmth that comes from friendship and trust.

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