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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New on-line clicker training course!

I've just signed up for Alexandra Kurland's new on line course - here's the link:


The fee is incredibly reasonable and you have 1 year to complete the course.

I am going to go through it with Heather as the poor dear is always the one slightly left out of our clicker work - not sure why that is ... I think she is is incredibly stalwart and doesn't need me as much as the others - she can hold her own but maybe this is really an excuse, as the truth is it's hard to work with  FOUR donkeys every day.

I fall waaaay short of this goal as some days I just feed and do chores.  I KNOW that when training, consistency is crucial and I am guilty of letting things lapse.

But today ... Rose stood on the tire pedestal  for the first time - YAY!  And Siog and I did "softening exercises plus ran through some of her agility work.  Heather did  walk-on's and back-ups next to a fence.
Dorrie got a bit of mat work and targeting in too - so no one was left out today!

Check out Alex's course if you are at all interested in clicker training.  In my opinion it is just a fabulous technique - both art and science - with so many applications.

Pouring rain all day and the donkeys stayed in the barn, so I put on rain gear and out they came!


  1. Would love to hear more about what you think of the course!

    And a happy new year to you and your critters. :)



  2. Thanks Mary - you will! I am about to begin! Happy New Year back!