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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A walk through the paddocks

We moved to this property (from another on the same island) 7 years ago and bit by bit, we are establishing more enclosed paddock areas for the donkeys.  Take a walk with me ...

Let's start at the barn!  Every night, the donkeys are closed into a large paddock adjoining the barn.  They are never locked into stalls.  Being smart donkeys, they choose to stand under shelter when they need to, thank goodness!  The section under the overhang to the right is my feed/ tack room.
 Each morning, I open the big metal gate that you can see on the right and out they come into the big open meadow (well, mainly a bald meadow at the moment!)
Here's another view - I threw a fence around a section in the middle, last May and it grew a very little bit since the summer was so hot and dry, but I am opening it up bit by bit and the fence will be completely gone in a week or so.

 This section adjoins the meadow area and I have an easy obstacle course set up here! Wooded paddock and the hen house in the background behind the fence.

Here is "the lower driveway paddock" and it is off limits to the donkeys right now so that it can grow and replenish.  They will be allowed in here in the Fall.  If we can get our brush mower fixed, I usually mow ad rake before letting them on, otherwise, I'll put in an electric fence and let them onto strips.

 another view of the lower driveway paddock ...

Here are three shots of what we call "the wooded paddock" (must come up with some better names!)  Nothing much grows in here although the donkeys manage to find odds and sods ...

Wooded Paddock

Wooded Paddock
Here is Pond Paddock - off-limits and "in recovery" since last Spring.  This is the lushest paddock here, probably only about a 1/4 acre.  I will definitely try to mow this before letting the donkeys on and even then, it will be controlled by electric fencing.

This is the new "bush paddock!"  It's about 2 acres of Salal, Oregon Grape, Huckleberry and Sword ferns.
The donkeys have been regulating their time in here all on their own, which I find very interesting!


  1. Lovely setup for your donkeys. I have been thinking about ways to give mine some access to the woods since they love it so much. I need to clear some ancient bits of barbed wire out of the brush first though. Interesting that yours regulate their tie in the brush so well.

  2. Looks like donkey heaven! Thanks for the 'tour' :-)

  3. I love your paddocks!

    I always enjoy seeing photos of other people's equine pastures. :)

    It looks like a very happy place for your donkeys to live.