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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Britian in September!

Looks like we've found two back-to-back farm sitters in September (I can hardly believe it) - so we need to start planning asap for a 2 week trip to the UK!  This will be amazing!  I haven't been to Europe in years - decades actually, and my partner has never been overseas.

One major stop will the the UK Donkey Sanctuary ... a dream come true to visit them!

And then, just maybe I'll even take in a day of the Equine Clicker Conference being put on by Clix College in North Yorkshire.  Alexandra Kurland is one of the presenters and I'd love see her again and to meet the Clix College folks!

Of course there are galleries to see in London and maybe a walk through the Lake Country - we might want to go to Cornwall ... my head is spinning!

I hope I can "keep things simple" for my donkey care-givers at home though as one of them has no experience and I don't want to overwhelm her with pages and pages of notes.  Hmmm ...  seems what I do is so complicated, even with the hay bags. And being a worrier doesn't help either.

Any and all ideas out there for travel to the UK are welcome!

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