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Monday, May 13, 2013

Eleven years ago today ...

May 13th marks the anniversary of my partnership with donkeys!  In 2002, this little guy hopped off of a truck from Alberta and landed in our newly fenced little paddock:

He was 13 months old, had been orphaned at birth and had a terrible case of upward fixation of the patella ligaments in both hind legs.  Poor little dude!  He was hard to handle, taught me SO much.

After 3 1/2 years of trying to strengthen his legs and quad muscles, we realized that the climate on the rainy West coast was making life harder for him, so with a heavy heart, we sent him down to California, to the dry sunny desert that was Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.

He did beautifully there and eventually outgrew his condition, although his conformation will always be gimpy.  He now lives in Oklahoma with a gelding his own size and a loving owner.

I always think of Hedley, especially on May 13th ... when my life changed forever!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great journey this little fellow sent you on.... a life changer!