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Monday, April 22, 2013


Well I really lucked-out!  After just a short time of searching the on-line ads for used trailers, I found this very sweet one only two and a bit hours away!  It's 35 years old but has been very well maintained and the owner did some neat upgrades, such as the roof rack (there's a ladder on the other side) ramps, and a jack in place for when it's detached.  He's had it sand-blasted and professionally painted on the exterior.

It will need a little bit of inside modification for the donkeys, but it will easily be done (hopefully this week!)
The split ramps in back are in addition to the barn doors. They can be removed but I love that there are loading options.  I plan to remove the center divider and make it a stock trailer.  That way donkeys can turn around, find their balance and ride backwards, which is their preference.

I will have to elongate the ears on the horse decals though!

It even matches our truck! 

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