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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wet, wet wet ...

At least it's warmish - pineapple express time here on the coast.  The donkeys are very wet but dry out somewhat overnight.  Cleaning hooves daily but I'm worried they are taking up too much moisture.

Ah well - there's always a trade-off!  At least the donks aren't cold and don't mind being out during the day between torrential down-pours so they're moving around.

Sun in the forecast for the next two days though and the vet is scheduled to rasp Siog's teeth tomorrow morning.  Hopefully it will be a short easy session for Siog and not give her a sore mouth.

Today I began giving her two things to help regulate her hormones given my concern about her irritability during her heat cycles,  I'm working with an equine herbalist/ homeopath on this and we'll see what the vet has to say tomorrow.

The frogs in the marsh are waking up and starting to croak and the sea lions have gathered to wait for the herring run.  Sounds that neither Rose nor Heather have ever heard before!

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  1. Hope the dental went well and keep us posted on the hormones! The joys of females.... ;-)