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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am so frustrated by the inconsistency of straw!  The last bale I opened was long tubular and golden - the donkeys don't care for that and most of it became bedding.  

The bale I have just opened is short bits, tons of chaff and awns, dusty and has lots of clumps of soft grey or green matter.  I put it in small mesh hay bags and then shake the bags aggressively so the dirt, chaff and awns fall out - most of them, I hope, but I have to mix it with generous amounts of last's year's coarse hay.

It seems each bale is wildly different (of course it is an organic material) but equally expensive!
At least it's useful in the garden, but there's no way I am able to feed ad lib straw as it's just not a reliable

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  1. So frustrating! My guys all turn their nose up at the lovely golden looking stuff and love the grey looking straw.... can never work them out. Good luck with finding a solution, hugs to all the gang :-)