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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reading Siog ...

Siog is a really interesting donkey - complex and sensitive.  She has been rather emotional lately and I'm trying to unravel the clues as to what she is thinking/ experiencing.  For one thing, she is in heat and although I have read about equine having some form of PMS, I've never really experienced mood changes as drastic as Siog's.

When Siog is feeling out of sorts, she gets really grumpy.  She'll walk towards me with her ears pinned, chase the other donkeys and bite them on the rump, flip her head around and nip at her own flank,
perhaps roll more often.  Worrisome to say the least and yet she has been doing this for over two years.  And I have been worrying and scratching my head about her mood swings for that long too.

Today the school kids were here and if Siog hadn't been haltered and tied to the fence when they arrived, I think she would have removed herself from the activity altogether.   I stuck with her, knowing she was out of sorts and not wanting to let the kids near her unescorted.  Siog's not mean spirited but she can be impatient and grumpy.  And bop people with her nose rather unceremoniously. So when we untied and led the donkeys out for a walk, I had a lead rope on one side of her and a child with another lead on her other side.

I did ask Siog to "demonstrate" the things she knows from clicker training and she was fabulous but she sure didn't enjoy the other activities (grooming and leading.)

I keep wondering about her moods and whether it's related to her cycles or not. Hopefully nothing sinister is brewing ...

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  1. Sounds very familiar! Callie the mule is very similar, sometimes she's in love with you, other times she can't stand to be bothered (except for working which she loves) seems related to her cycles, some women, complicated huh? ;-)