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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I knew I'd forget something in my treatment for Dorica and it's this ... massage.
Now I have not studied equine massage but I am very interested in the Tellington Touch method and have attended 1 short workshop. Plus I have a friend who has shown me some other methods when I had Ringo.

I do believe in the positive results (mentally and physically) of massage so I do this frequently with the donks.  My fantasy is living in a spa - lol!

Dorica LOVES having her butt rubbed - the others enjoy this too but she's a real sucker for it.
So when she wasn't feeling well, I threw myself into this with gusto!  Since I was spending so much time with her anyway, I thought it might help her relax but what I discovered, is that it also stimulated peristalsis!

You know how your muscles tense when you're in pain?  Massage helps big time!

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  1. I'm not very computer savvy, and I saved your blog to favorites when the Christmas cookies were the blog; and each time I checked in, there were no new blogs...finally I google searched the blog and got the newest versions. Kinda glad I missed the worried times of Dorica's impaction. So glad it worked out so well. No fun at all.

    I have floating heaters on the horses and donkey's troughs and it seems to keep the water on top warm enough to make them happy, and drink. I bucket Rosetta's water to her and make it warm to the touch and she drinks it down with delight.

    The horses are shedding seriously and the donkeys are itching (checked for lice and rain scold - not that, just hot with such good coats for the deep winter). I get a good handful of shedding hair off each donkey when I groom them. The horses - HandS full.

    Spring is coming...

    Mary Anna