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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Four donkeys are BLISS!

I so love having four donkeys!  It's such a pleasure to watch their interaction and comfort at being in a little group (dare I say "herd?")  It's really a joy in my life and probably a good thing that I don't have room for more!


  1. So glad that your little herd bring you so much joy, the world seems a better place when in the company of long ears :-)

  2. Yes, donkeys are so fun to have around, aren't they?

    I'm glad that you are enjoying all four of your long ears. :)



  3. Donkeys are wonderous animals! I have a 'herd' of them. It is time for me to start working with Eddie, the donkey for trail riding! I can't wait!

    Love your donkeys!