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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Finally some free time

Phew- my busy Fall schedule has almost come to a close.  I just have one 500 word paper to write but I'm anxious to get back to some clicker training with the donkeys!  It feels like ages since we've done anything or had anybody out for a walk.

Rose and Heather had mastered touch-targeting and were really getting good at "head-down" although nothing on cue yet, and then I just STOPPED working with them!  Good thing donkeys have great memories.

I recently joined a site called http://www.horsetricks101.com

Jain lives in Australia with her horses and is a clicker trainer who specializes in trick training.  She is offering an on-line course and I've signed up for the first module.  I think this will be a fun winter project!

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