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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Training Rose & Heather - part 2

After several lessons with Rose and Heather, where neither donkey seemed to understand touching a target with their nose, they are now excellent at it!

In today's lessons, each donkey was able to: 

1. easily touch the target held in front of them
2. find and touch the target if I moved it a little to the side, upwards or down 
3. follow the target as I walked and held it out
4. back up several paces to take the reward held in my outstretched hand

I am still not wanting to separate Rose and Heather so I halter them both, take them into a paddock without the other donkeys and tie one to a fence post while I work with the other.  I keep the sessions short and each donkey gets the opportunity to learn to stand tied quietly too.

My plan now is to lower the target to the ground and in this way, begin teaching the "head down" foundation lesson.


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