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Monday, October 22, 2012

Slow Feeder - full size bag

Today I received my full bale size slow feeder bag from NAG Bags, a Canadian company.  I really like these bags because the webbing is soft and has no knots.  The cord to tie it closed is thick, soft and strong and It seems very safe and easy for the donkeys to access hay and straw.

I have been using the mini size bags for 1 lb. servings of local hay but I thought I'd like to try the full bale size bag for barley straw.  This way I know they will have something to eat all night long - great for long, dark winter nights.

At first, Dorrie commanded the whole bag, shifting her body around so that no one else could get near, but then Siog worked her way in and eventually, they all did.  They ate for three solid hours and then I dragged the bag away - I'm a firm believer in making changes slowly, especially to diet.

I won't leave the bag out overnight tonight but I'll bring it out for them tomorrow again and see how they do.  With the mini size bags, I've been using the ones with small 1" hole spacing.  For this full bale bag I decided to go with the larger hole spacing of 1.5" since I'm using it for straw and not hay.  I figure there will eventually be a limit to the amount of straw they will eat but after watching them today, I could be wrong!

Here they are:


  1. Cool!

    I would love to hear how it holds up and what you think of it after several months. We have hay rings at our rescue, but I've been thinking some sort of netting or large hay bag would help us reduce waste even more.



  2. It is so good to see all four of your donkeys eating together. I have been thinking of slow feeder bags, and despite not having small bales, I believe that if I put the mornings hay for all three weanlings into a square bale feeder, they would share it. They eat together now happily. Rosetta and Asshlee will need separate bags...Rosetta is reluctant to share; but with a slow feeder bag, the feed would not disappear so quickly and she might become less possessive. I checked the Nag Bag site (it has some great videos and information), and have just been trying to figure out which way to go. The black Morgans eat together, so one back will work for them. Dear old Mona is by herself now, across from the blacks and donkeys, because she eats slower now. So she gets her own bag. I could even hang the bags on the trunks of the fir trees if there is precipitation (not so common in this semi-arid dry country) so they can eat under their umbrellas’. Thanks for the video, it helped me with making up my mind.