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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rose & Heather - Day 1

Rose and Heather arrived late in the afternoon yesterday and were tired and bewildered from their long trip and 2 ferry rides.  So I put them in a small separate paddock from Dorica and Siog where they could get their bearings, and rest with lots of hay and straw and fresh water.

I was awake before dawn and outside just as a dim sunrise glow appeared on the horizon.  Everyone seemed glad to see me and I happily noted fresh manure and near empty water buckets ... all good!

After they had their breakfast this morning, it was time to open the gates and let them get to know one another.  "Wary" seems to be the word of the day!

Dorrie and Rose

Siog and Heather

Dorrie and Heather

Rose and Heather


  1. They look wonderful!! Thank you Cynthia for taking such good care of them. In a few days they will be completely comfortable in their new home. Hugs from Leanne & their former donkey family at Asspen Grove.

  2. They all look wonderful together Cynthia, your wishes come true. So very happy for you and your lovely Jenny Quartet.

    Mary Anna

  3. What a beautiful group! Really pleased that all has gone so well, can't wait for further updates :-)