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Friday, September 28, 2012

New donkeys coming soon!

I am very excited to report (thrilled, actually) that two wonderful donkeys will soon be joining us!

Just returned from a whirlwind trip into the Okanagan valley - about a 10 hour drive from here including ferry travel.  It was absolutely beautiful and very different geographically from here.  It's much drier there and I was shocked to see that many equine owners are able to store their hay outside under a roof or feed from big round bales.  Hay wouldn't last past the first Fall rains here!

Anyway, I visited quite a few donkeys and met some fantastic mammoths and mules too.  I had promised myself that I would choose donkeys very carefully this time round - looking for good conformation, personality and health.  There were several interesting candidates and I certainly got caught up in donkey fever, seeing such large herds.

One of my new donkeys is someone I've had my eye on for two years.  Her name is Rose and she wasn't for sale.  But I fell in love with her instantly and her owners agreed to let her come and live with us.  I can hardly wait until she arrives!

She's a 15 year old tall jennet, standing at 35.25" at the withers, so just under regulations size for minis.  She has been trained to drive and do trail courses, walk in parades and has had small kids on her back - none of this recently, but donkeys don't forget.  She's had some hoof soreness but I'm confident that I can feed her supplements to toughen up her hooves and I'm willing to try, cuz she's an absolute love.  She will be a lovely age-mate to my 14 year old Dorica.

The other donkey is  Heather and she's a black inquisitive 6 year old.  She's well built, good conformation and a great spirit. Heather has Dorica's white muzzle as well as Siog's white forehead "star."

Here's a brief video:  Rose has a gorgeous white blaze, Heather is wearing a red halter.

I'm now waiting for transport to bring these donkeys home!