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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Looking for a new donkey or mule

I have decided that my little barn is too empty without Deenah!  And, as two donkeys do not make a herd, I will look for another animal, actually I have started looking!  My absolute first choice would be a lovely Standard jenny between 6 and 10 years old that I could ride.

But it is so hard to find such an animal on the west coast!  I'd be interested in a small riding mule - also hard to find. I have to be very careful to make the right choice as I feel this may be my last opportunity to bring in new livestock (gettin' older!)

There are some lovely minis out there and a gorgeous sorrel mini mule!  Some absolutely drop-dead gorgeous large mules and Mammoth donkeys but that will have to wait for my next lifetime when I'll be back as Annie Oakley riding the range, living on 200 acres with a fabulous singing voice!

My barn is small, cute - configured into 3 stalls at the moment but could be 4 at 7 x 7, opening onto a small breezeway area.  Even though I only shut stall doors occasionally to separate animals to feed, I have to remember how rainy and windy it can get here for months and picture the animals confined to the shelter of the barn.

Realistically, one more donkey/mule would fit easily but then three can be an awkward number .... hmmm.

After Labour Day weekend I will take a road trip and see who is out there looking for a good home.  In the meantime, I am searching the internet and enjoying my time with Dorica and Siog!


  1. The Peaceful Valley Donkey rescue in Oregon had some nice standard jennys available for adoption recently. They may even have had some saddle training. Just a thought, good luck in your search.

  2. Thanks - I thought of that too, but getting her up here might be a BIG deal?